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More hydrocolloid price rises

The hydrocolloid world is seeing more price rises with announcements from National Starch and Chemical and Jungbunzlauer

Hot on the heels of the CP Kelco announcement (26th October, Read More) of price increases across the board including 3-5% on xanthan gum comes another announcement from Jungbunzlauer (30th October, Read more) of price rises across all products including xanthan gum. Xanthan prices have shown a relentless decrease over the last few years due to the rise of cheap imports from China and xanthan gum is no longer the high earning star it once was. Industry analysts believe the overall erosion of xanthan prices has further to go and if these price rises are sustainable in the long term remains to be seen.

National Starch and Chemical also announced price increases citing rising energy costs and increases in raw material prices.